Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Structure of this blog

This blog is dedicated to Mr Ilaiyaraaja (IR), the legend of “Music” !

All the links about the song phrases and Lyrics etc shall be and shall remain the copyright to Ilaiyaraaja and request the readers of the blog to obey the same.

The structure of this blog is as follows:

  1. Thiruvasagam - My Bird's Eye Views
  2. Pollaa Vinaiyen - Introduction
  3. Polla Vinaiyen - Lyrics
  4. Pollaa Vinaiyen - Part-1
  5. Pollaa Vinaiyen - Part-2
  6. Pollaa Vinaiyen - Part-3
  7. Pollaa Vinaiyen - Part-4
  8. Pollaa Vinaiyen - Part-5 - Conclusion
  9. Pollaa Vinaiyen - Consolidated Table of Raagams/Scales
  10. Pollaa Vinaiyen - Audio Samples arranged for song discussions



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New kenny on de block ;) said...


I am under-appreciated to write-in comment in your blog, especially for this abstract. However, ain't able to control myself. I could feel an unique vibration on this blog. I am glad that I am blessed to read the conceptual facts of Pollaa Vinaiyen through your insight. Thanks alot for such a meaningful blog!


~~Raaja rules!