Wednesday, 7 October 2009

2- Pollaa Vinayen - Introduction

Hi All,

There were many Million Dollar Questions!

To write or not to write ?

Am I worthy to write on Thiruvasagam by IR ?

Where to start ?  What to write ?

Initially, many such baffling questions regularly prevented me from posting my feelings and experience on Thiruvasagam.

After sometime, I saw many beautiful write-ups on the “experience” & “feelings” from various IR fans in blogs and forums.

That further made me feel that I can not write better than them.

By that time, I listened to the CD many times (not in a musical system worth mentioning, but I could guess & feel the grandeur and efforts behind them ! )

Fortunately, that time I had my keyboard arrived and could not resist the temptation of finding the scales and ragas !

Though I could only guess many of them, but I could “feel” the scheme behind such modulations of such scales.

As usual, no IR admirers, particularly  people like me, can resist such temptations of revealing and sharing his joyous moments of recognizing geniuses of IR with others, and thus this write-up emerged!

Again I re-iterate to all that don’t run-away saying,” I am not having knowledge in scales or raagams or both “ etc.!

In that case also, you can just believe me that I am right in identifying these seven notes related to that particular para and just visually, mathematically see them and compare them, you can in general appreciate what I am trying to convey you.

Whatever it may be, you have already experienced the feelings given by each lines of Polla vinayen, so you can still co-relate such feelings with change of scales I am mentioning here below!

Let us start !

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